Who we are

“Alliance Vinum
is an alliance of purposes,
passion and people”

Five great wineries united under a single alliance with a single objective: to enhance Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, celebrate its quality, tell the story of its territory and give it back its rightful place among the great national and international wines.

The Nobile that they’re promoting is purebred Sangiovese, a genuine wine with an outstanding ageing potential, fruit of an exceptional terroir. A contemporary Nobile: a wine of elegance and finesse, fresh and vibrant, medium bodied with a good balance between alcohol and acidity, accessible and versatile.

The producers of the Alliance have very diverse stories and backgrounds but they all share the dedication to Nobile’s rediscovery. They are all directly involved in the day to day life of the winery and are committed to giving the proper voice to the Nobile, among Italy’s highest quality wines.

United they’ll strive to restore Nobile’s badge of honor.

The Alliance wineries

Manifesto Who we are Together for Nobile
Manifesto Who we are Together for Nobile