The gift of an extraordinary land

Sandy-clay soils and a temperate climate, in the hills around the Chiana Valley,
southeast of the Siena province

Nobile di Montepulciano is produced exclusively in the Montepulciano area. There are 1300 hectares in the province of Siena amidst the hills of the Chiana Valley. Here the soil is made up of an alternation of sands and clays which creates the ideal conditions for producing structured and fragrant wines, rich with fine tannins, which demand minimal intervention in the cellar.


Its sandy-clay soils, together with a more temperate climate compared to other great areas of Tuscany, produce a unique Sangiovese here, harmonious and with a perfect sugar-acidity balance. These features allow producers to develop and enhance the wine’s aromatics with less cellar intervention. Rather small, with only 3200 acres (1300 hectares) all within the Montepulciano municipality, the growing area stretches between the hills around the Chiana Valley, southeast of the Siena province.

In the glass

Sandy-clay soils, dry continental climate, proximity to the lakes and the expertise of skilled winemakers. From this combination of climate, soil and dedication comes the contemporary Noble Wine: an elegant medium-bodied texture, a fresh and vibrant palate for any combination, an ideal balance between alcohol and acidity that allows it to evolve more and more over time, despite a limited use of wood that will exalt even more its fragrant and fruity aromas.


Being sustainable today means managing one’s business while orienting efforts and strategies to environmental, social and economical goals, in a never-ending search for higher and more complex balance between these spheres.

It’s undeniable that Nobile’s growing area is an ideal place to perform this life mission, thanks to the harmony that the terroir offers for quality winemaking, along with the knowhow that has developed over the centuries.

The people and families that are in the area today are an example of modern excellence in this field.

With investments of over 8mln Euro in the past 5 years, dedicated to environmental best practices, the Nobile producers have excelled in sustainability indexing and biodynamic management, particularly among the Alliance members.