Tasting a Nobile is not only an opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary bottle, but also to imagine the idyllic landscapes, rolling hills and charming villages of Tuscany. Being a part of the unique winemaking process is a truly unforgettable experience – a journey through history, culture, and the tradition of taste.

To truly understand and appreciate a wine, it’s important to learn about the specific region it comes from, as well as its soil, microclimate, and production methods. Immerse yourself in our hospitality experience and discover the world of Nobile with wine tours, tastings, events, and much more.


The winery, surrounded by the Tuscan landscape and halfway between two beautiful towns, Montepulciano and Cortona, welcomes anyone who wants to experience the essence of Poliziano. The Carletti family and its excellent staff will welcome you and share with you their passion for the territory.

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At Salcheto hospitality has a dedicated space and sense, it represents its identity in a nutshell: quality winemaking and ethical and environmental values. We have the Winehouse, a small country hotel in an old farm house from the 13th century that belonged to the farmers who founded the estate. And then there’s Indigeno, a restaurant and wine bar that offers a unique gastronomic experience, with fresh bread, vegetable gardens, vineyard geese, foraging, cooking classes with wild herbs, and of course Nature and a landscape suspended in time, to be enjoyed with the awareness of being part of it.

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At Le Capezzine Estate we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. And our visitors delight in experiencing this first hand. Our guided tours begin in the organic vegetable garden and vineyard, and come full circle to our farm-to-table food and wine. Our guests are immersed for a day in the history and the architecture and a simply magical landscape. They tell us that they leave happy and satisfied not only by the quality of what they tasted and the warm welcome they received, but impressed by our level of commitment to what we do and how, transforming business practices to the benefit of people, community and planet.

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The vineyards of Poderi Boscarelli are located in the cru of Cervognano, in the middle of olive groves, broom bushes and oak trees. From this terroir, generations of the De Ferrari Corradi family are passionately engaged in valuing the aromas and the pure character of Sangiovese, to reach the highest expression in the Vino Nobile. We offer our guest an enveloping experience, starting from the vines, discovering their features and differences, diving deep into the history and the evolution of this land. Carrying on to the cellar, where the cozy atmosphere will lead you to the tasting room, followed by our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff, who will guide you in experiencing the identity of our wines, in a setting where sustainability and creativity are projected towards the future.

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La Braccesca

La Braccesca offers personalized tours that will fascinate guests with the splendid landscape, excellent wines and words of those who love this land. The tasting tour takes guests through the meticulously tended vineyards to the austere and fascinating ageing cellar, followed by lunch made with simple, top quality ingredients prepared with the same passion and respect for Tuscan traditions as in the past.

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